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My SEO Promises To You and Why You Should Work With Me:

1. One-on-One Expert Consultation Policy

I make sure that the work which is undertaken for you is being carried out by me and my trusted employees and not any other newbie or interns at other big agencies.

2. Proven and Tested Customized SEO System

I dedicate my time and efforts to make sure that I am always devising the best SEO strategies. I have proven SEO System that I have created which currently helps my clients rank consistently on Top 3. My past experiences has helped me build and identify effective strategies .Many agencies do not offer clarity on the SEO strategy. I do and I work towards supreme rankings for your website.

3. We Will Guarantee You Top 5 Rankings

My target is clear. I am here to get you to the top 5 positions and then build momentum for the final push. Since I have a proven approach to SEO, I am confident of hitting this target in a 6 month timeline. I can get into specifics prior to our agreement.

4. Higher Ranks = Higher Revenue (ROI)

I am here to rank you for keywords that drive revenue. Ranking other words may not be the most effective means to increasing revenue. My focus and approach is to increase traffic that directly contributes to better revenue.

5. Detailed Monthly Reports

I like to stay in touch with my clients regularly. As a business owner, you need to know about the SEO performance of your marketing dollars. I have built a system which involves regular interaction with the customer and this is how I keep them updated on all details of the project.

6. 30 Minutes FREE Phone Consultation (Optional)

Many clients like to stay updated by scheduling a 30 minute phone call where we discuss about the progress of work and also review the current situation. I am always curious to find and employee supporting strategies and I like to listen and take note of my client's suggestions. This is optional

7. I stay updated and ahead of my competion

I keep track of the industry and the new trends. I can definitely serve as a source of information for you. I like to keep m clients informed of factors that may have an impact on their business.

8. We are not overpriced like other "Big Agencies"

I do not overcharge my customers. I am not an agency that needs to bill you for unnecessary elements . I have a system that is lean and we are driven to make more of less.

9. We are transparent and do not overcharge

Irrespective of the industry or line of business that you operate in, our fees remain the same depending on the kind of services availed. Our service fee is based on the work we do, not on the revenue that you could generate.

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Here are few of our client testimonials:

  • I am delighted that Eddie could make SEO a lot more straightforward for me and my business and for also for increasing traffic to my website. Eddie is a good professional and has been extremely efficient in ensuring that my website has a high ROI.

    Kumar Amurai
  • Thanks for delivering the impressive web traffic that you had assured me of. The last 4 months have been extremely rewarding for my business and your SEO strategy hasn’t let me down.
    Thanks and I look forward to some more leads as always !!
    Anthony Anderson
  • I have no hesitation in sharing my feedback on your services. I’ve been delighted with the responses to my website . I always knew that something was holding back my business’s performance. Thanks to your smart and diligent SEO work, I have a lot of reasons to smile now. Now lets ensure that my site stays there on top. Eddie knows what he’s doing and his approach to business is admirable.

    Jen Ograbnek
  • I usually don’t publicly endorse services but your SEO services have been impressive.

    We’ve managed to grow our business by 40% in the last 7 months.

    None of us here at my firm would have believed that those are achievable targets.Eddie has consistently demonstrated that he can deliver what he promises. Eddie,let’s hit a 100% by the end of year .

    Robin Harlow
  • It’s been a pleasure working with you . I was previously using another marketing company to handle my Adwords and SEO campaign. But I wasn’t convinced with what they delivered over our 10 month association. Then I turned to your team’s assistance and I got a tremendous response for my new product.

    I realized that Eddie isn’t merely a SEO specialist, but he is a brand tactician. I’ve stayed in touch with Eddie not only because he is an efficient marketer but because of his foresight and great attention to detail.
    Well done and here’s to many more success stories.

    Sven Heffen
  • This is a message for you and your team at On Top Seo.

    So I assigned On Top SEO the duties to my company’s website optimization.

    Firstly, I have to mention that these guys were honest enough to tell me what the realistic timeline for the project is. I’ve interacted with a few agencies in the past and all of them were vague in their definition of the deadlines. Eddie and team were clear about what they were going to deliver and did so within the timelines that were mentioned .

    Highly recommend these guys if you need smart advice on SEO.

    Terrence Mbaye

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Do you think that your business is underperforming ? You can reach out to our SEO expert services that ensures your site of an increase in traffic and revenue. An expert will review the business situation and strategize to build an effective SEO plan.

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From The Desk Of Eddie:

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Eddie and I’m the founder at On Top SEO. My business operates in manner  very different to other agencies and digital marketing firms.

Most importantly, I’m always there to personally work on ensuring better traffic to your website. I bring to the table my experience and expertise in delivering superior growth numbers on a consistent basis .  I respect my clients and work towards assuring them of my best services. Unlike other agencies who tend to compromise on the quality , I make sure that I delight the customer at all times by being responsible and proactive.

It’s clear that this site is ranking for the keywords ” SEO+ city” . You’d acknowledge that this is no meager task and speaks volumes of my ability to deliver superior rankings.

If you’ve come across my agency in cities like Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Brampton then its proven that I have a successful approach and one that is delivering.

When I work on optimizing your website, I am capable of delivering these kind of results and can definitely grow your revenue by increasing the traffic.


You need to make sure that you are working with the right SEO expert. It’s nice to consider these factors prior to choosing a SEO company.


  • Customized solution- Choose a company that offers a solution that is tailor made for you. There is no point in replicating a SEO plan of an unrelated industry . This seems like a blind strategy and this must give you a hint that the agency you are dealing with isn’t knowledgeable enough. I ensure that my approach to SEO is based on your industry and competition.


  • Get the right keywords – You need to sign up with a SEO expert who is ranking you for the most meaningful terms. A consultant who is research driven can devise an organized plan based on the initial findings. I always spend time on research prior to commencing the project. This is how I like to build my strategy and my client is aware of the reasoning behind my approach.


  • Justifiable prices- Many agencies tend to overburden their clients with a bill that quite often leaves the customer puzzled. You need to evaluate if the fee is justified. I like to keep things reasonable and my client only pays for the work that I do.


  • Respect the timeline- Most agencies tend to deviate from the time frame within which they were supposed to deliver the goods. The SEO company you choose to work with can stick to a timeline if they know what they are doing and if they are consistently at it. I am capable of maintaining this timeline and can work towards successfully completing the goals.


There’s a lot at stake here and your business needs the right consultant. You must choose an ally who understands your requirement so that you can successfully beat competing brands. Being ranked in Toronto helps me generate business opportunities and I would request you to reach out to me at the earliest so that I can build a schedule accordingly.

If yes, then please fill the form placed below to register for my services.

Kind regards,


Founder & SEO expert

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